Leading Heating Contractor In Burleson TX Outlines The Telltale Signs Of A Faulty Heat Pump

November 20, 2019

The heat pump serves as a heater and also an air conditioner. It works hard all year round to keep your indoors comfortable. The core duty of this vital component is to extract heat from the environment and transfer it around your home at the preset temperature. In case the heat pump is failing, your interiors may turn unpleasantly chilly. You can depend on Bock Air Conditioning Services whenever you need a heating contractor in Burleson TX to provide reliable repairs.

Usually, a functional heat pump will collect some level of ice during the winter. However, you need to call us if your unit has a thick layer of ice. This is typically a sign of malfunctions of the defrost mechanism. If this issue goes without being addressed for long, it could cause damage to your entire heating system.

Another telltale sign to look out for is strange noises whenever you switch on the pump. If the unit has a loose part, you may hear rattling sounds. On the other hand, you may hear rambling sounds if the fan is hitting metals within the system. This noise is likely not to stop on its own, so you should call us immediately.

Most property owners are smart enough to know something is amiss if they realize a sudden increase in their energy bills. HVAC units are notorious for causing significant spikes in the energy consumption rate of a household. If something is off with your utility bills, it could be that your heating and cooling system is struggling to keep your indoors comfortable.

Various issues can cause an increase in your power bills. During inspections, our trained and seasoned technicians will check the air vents, the coils, and also the filters. The majority of minor issues can be repaired inexpensively, although major concerns may call for a replacement project. We will help you determine the best alternative that can offer you permanent solutions.

It is not usual for the pump to leak. If you notice leaks, this may be from condensation or refrigerant fluid. Either way, make sure you contact us as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for any electrical components to get wet and cause even more problems.

We recommend replacing your heating and cooling system if you find yourself spending too much on never-ending repairs. Even sturdy units from renowned brands do not last a lifetime. After thorough inspections, we will help you decide whether to have your system replaced or repaired.

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