How To Avoid Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service

August 7, 2020

For anyone who has ever experienced an AC unit which quits during a heatwave, learning about ways to avoid a midnight breakdown in 90-degree temperature is time well spent. While no one can avoid every non-working AC unit, there are some simple ideas that can be done at home and will help to prevent many emergency situations. Read on to learn more about avoiding emergency air conditioning repair service calls.

One important way to limit emergencies is to ensure that you have regular maintenance visits from our trained and experienced technicians. We go through a regular checklist during an annual call to check the operating capabilities or your heating and cooling system. We can identify parts which need attention, check the cleanliness and identify the connections which are part of the system.

Making sure that any filters are replaced according to a regular timetable is another way to avoid emergencies with the AC unit. Clogged or dirty filters, lines or coils can not only block cool airflow but can cause the unit to work harder to get conditioned air into the room. Dirt, particulates and organisms can not only interfere with the functioning of the unit but can also affect the health of household members and pets.

Make sure your system is properly sized for the volume of air in the household. A system that is overworked will often experience a shorter operational life. A unit which is too small for the space it is expected to cool may run hot, thus making parts wear out more quickly.

Use the parts which are designed to fit the unit in your home or office. Cheap parts may seem like a way to save money, but they are also more likely to wear out faster. Even a small variance can be enough to cause sudden repair issues when you most need cool air.