Top-Rated HVAC Contractors In Burleson TX Explain The Different Types Of Air Filters

November 20, 2019

One of the most essential components of your HVAC system is the air filter. It plays the crucial role of filtering debris and dust particles, ensuring that you have cleaner and more breathable indoor air. There are various kinds of air filters, and each of them serves a distinct purpose. We are the leading HVAC contractors in Burleson TX and can help you find the filters that are a perfect match for your needs.

Fiberglass filters are perhaps the most common, and you can get them from the majority of hardware stores. This type of filter is a top choice for most residential property owners because it is not just easily accessible but also inexpensive. You can also choose from a wide array of sizes to find the perfect product for your system.

The downside to using fiberglass filters is that they are not the most effective in trapping contaminants. This makes it necessary to change them every other month, to maintain good indoor air quality. Pleated filters, on the other hand, do a better job at trapping dust particles and other airborne contaminants. They are an ideal option to consider if your loved ones often suffer from pollen allergies.

Compared to fiberglass filters, pleated filters are more effective and consequently more expensive. The higher price tag can be justified by their enhanced ability to purify the air. If you have pets or you suffer from severe allergies, however, it will be better for you to use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters.

HEPA filters do an outstanding job of capturing just about all kinds of particulate matter. This clears the air of allergens such as tiny dust particles, mold spores, and pet dander. The main downside of using these filters is that they restrict airflow slightly. This can cause a slight increase in your power bills.

If you prefer using eco-friendly products, you should consider investing in washable filters. They can help you save money because you can wash them several times before having to replace them. Unfortunately, these are not the most effective filters in cleaning indoor air. If you have allergies, you have no choice but to choose other kinds of filters.

Our skilled technicians at Bock Air Conditioning Services can help you swap or wash your air filters regularly. We can also provide routine preventative maintenance to help ensure that your HVAC functions at peak performance. You can depend on us to provide all-rounded services, including heating and cooling installs or repairs.

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