Services Offered By An Air Conditioning Repair Tech In Burleson TX

June 1, 2020

The best time to check if your HVAC is in excellent condition is during the summer. Undertaking maintenance, installation, and repairs during such a time is essential as it will evade AC problems during the winter season when you pretty much need the unit to be working at its best. Hiring an air conditioning repair tech in Burleson TX to check out your unit is essential.

When we notice that your AC is too old and wasting energy, making your monthly AC bill to be high, we replace and install new units. Before installing a new unit, we complete a thorough calculation to determine the most suitable unit for your house. Testing the piping and connections of your new unit is a must during this process.

AC maintenance is a meaningful gesture that ensures its efficiency. We offer maintenance checks twice in the year, which is in the beginning of spring and autumn. During the maintenance process, our able technicians will test and clean the blower fan and also check the level of coolant. We examine the thermostat and the general functionality of a unit. We can detect any problem earlier enough and be able to repair them before it worsens.

The unique thing about Bock Air Conditioning Services is that we value our customers. And it is for this reason why we offer 24/7 emergency services. The unit may abruptly stop functioning at odd hours during cold seasons when you need it to keep you warm. We can come to your aid upon contact. We repair AC problems regarding the unit, the thermostats, and other related controls.

If you ever wish to acquire any of the mentioned services above, please call us at 817-293-4006 and make an appointment. We have sharpened our skills over the years to provide only the best service. We are here to serve you.