AC maintenance in Burleson

May 27, 2020

As we zoom through spring and begin to approach summer, you can expect both the heat and the humidity to increase. If you’re searching for expert AC maintenance in Burleson, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians can examine your HVAC system and make sure that all component parts are in good shape before the hot weather hits with a vengeance.

AC filters are key parts of any HVAC network. In fact, clogged, dirty filters can cause the entire system to be much less efficient, which can cause some components to wear out sooner. Filters should be replaced or cleaned every month or two during the summer season when your air conditioner is running a lot.

Coils can similarly wear out, but routine maintenance should extend their lives quite a bit. We can examine the evaporator coil before each cooling season and make sure that dirt and grime are removed. Trimming the surrounding foliage will also help protect the coils.

We highly recommend that all window seals be checked periodically. Excessive moisture can sometimes damage these seals, which will allow cool air to escape from your house. A house with energy-efficient windows will improve the efficiency of the AC unit itself.

As professionals, we are appropriately licensed and certified to install, maintain, and repair your AC system. We’ll provide you with a quote at the start of the process before the actual work begins. We can also winterize your unit during the fall months, which will involve moving through a series of checklists to make sure worn parts are removed and replaced so that you’re ready to go again in the spring.

You can rely on us for all of your maintenance needs no matter the time of year. Your air conditioner will continue to hum along without any problems. You can enjoy the cool interior of your house during the hottest days of summer.

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